Aquaculture Science Hub

Our Tools and Research

A woman stands on a dock, writing on a clip board, while two farmers load oysters onto a boat.
Data Collection The Nature Conservancy's Alix Laferriere (left) records information with SOAR program participants Krystin Ward of Choice Oysters and Laura Brown (right) of Fox Point Oysters on the University of New Hampshire's JEL Lab dock on Great Bay in Durham, New Hampshire. © ©Jerry and Marcy Monkman/EcoPhotography

One barrier to ensuring a nature-positive future for aquaculture  is a lack of tools and information. TNC is committed to making our science and data as accessible as possible. Through the Aquaculture Research Hub, we are freely providing research papers, reports, and data sets. We also extend our science into the development of user-friendly resources, such as maps, calculators, and webinars.