An aerial view of the Republic of Palau.
PALAU AERIAL Current areas of interest for super reefs work include Hawaii, Palau, Indonesia, the Marshall Islands, the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic and Belize. © Steve Lindfield

While aquaculture currently provides more than half of all global seafood, its development varies significantly from country to country. Marine aquaculture, which currently accounts for about 37% of aquaculture production, in particular has room for growth. Many coastal countries have the potential to sustainably produce a wider range of species and larger quantities than they currently do, and all continents and countries could benefit in some way from the use of regenerative practices.

Inland environments, which support the other 63% of the world’s total aquaculture production, also hold many significant opportunities for improvement through better management of pond systems, the inclusion of natural habitats and other farmed species, and technology to increase efficiencies.

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