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The Aquaculture and Market Opportunities for New Zealand Seaweed Species

A line of seaweed floats in the water.
Seaweed cultivation Mulutseribu Seaweed Farms, Indonesia. © Kevin Arnold

While wild seaweed has been harvested in New Zealand for food and materials since humans first arrived in the country, there has been very limited seaweed cultivation. To some degree, this is due to a lack of clarity around the practical and economic opportunities for seaweed aquaculture in New Zealand.

In an effort to promote the development of restorative seaweed aquaculture, The Nature Conservancy has supported this review of the aquaculture and market opportunities for seaweed in New Zealand. To undertake this review, an extensive search of readily available scientific and technical literature was carried out using directed scientific literature databases and web searches. In addition, personnel involved in the existing seaweed industry in New Zealand were interviewed to provide further context to this study.

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